I started mathletics a couple of days ago and I already have more than 1200 !  I have already finished my 2 pieces of mathletics homework . I also love maths so I mostly beat my friends when I’m vs them.   Thanks for reading my first year 4 blog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by Serren

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One beautiful morning the golden sun rose over the hills and woke little unicorn up. It was a day for adventure! “Mum, can I go out?” he pleaded. “If I set off now I can explore the whole forest before it gets dark.” “That sounds nice little one,” his mother smiled stroking  his head. “Have fun but …. !”  Little unicorn was already racing down the hill towards the forest. “Don’t rush into things! And don’t worry,” she added. “The forest is full of unicorns looking out for you.”

In the forest there was a wolf. He was about to pounce on little unicorn when all the other unicorns ran into the forest and rescued him.

The end.  By Sophie Watts

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Year 4

Year 4 is the best. Mrs Green and Mrs Edmundson are the best teachers ever. I love maths because Mrs Green makes maths fun!!! Normally I get all my work right but sometimes I get some corrections. Mrs Edmundson is fun as well. She makes comprehension fun.

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my weekend

On the weekend I played football with my uncles and my brother. We did some keepy ups. I did 6 my brother did 2 and my uncle did 12. When it started to get cold we went inside and had warm meal. My uncle went home and when we got back it was bed time. I had a great time! Yoosha

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We will miss you Mrs Atkinson

Today it is Mrs Atkinson’s last day with us. We are very upset but excited to go to y5.  Everyone will miss you but have a fun time in y3.

Love Ellie and Holly

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My Dream Holiday

My dream holiday would be in Tenerife. I would go with my mum and my dad. I would book a hotel with a pool and I would go in the pool everyday. Hot chocolate would be delivered to me everyday. I would also get pancakes for free everyday. All of my friends would come as well. We would surf in the sea. In the hotel, that would be bunk beds that we could sleep on. There would also be a huge TV so we could watch movies.

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On Saturday the 8th of July me , my grandma , my granddad and my sister went on a day out! First , we went to Whitby to get the train to Pickering . After that ,  we got on the train but we didn’t sit down straight away because we were looking around the train , as it was an old train! We finally sat down and whilst we were waiting we had a kinder bar , a sandwich and a packet of crisps. When I finished my lunch I looked out of the window on the train. After a while the train finally started moving. When we got to Pickering we were in a hurry because the train only waited twenty minutes before it headed back to Whitby so we got an ice cream there. We got back to Whitby on the train,  then we walked up the hill to the car. On our way home we went to the Toby Carvery for a Sunday lunch. 

By Connie

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My dream holiday is…….

My dream holiday is Florida but I can not go there because my brother and sister are too young. I would  go on all the rides in the whole of Florida including the big ones. I would go with my mum and dad. I would stay in a Disney hotel and I would have a character breakfast every morning.I would stay there for two weeks.

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My ideal holiday

I would like to go to Paris which is the capital city of France. I would go with my mum, dad and my brother. I would go up the Eiffel tower so that I can have a wonderful view of Paris also I would visit the MUSEE DU LOUVRE.


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Lie in Peace Grandad

I have built up the courage to share  a few little parts of the poem I made for my Grandad who has passed away .

Our Grandad

This is a poem about our Grandad

We loved him so so much

Gomo we would call him , we all thought he was touched


I was your eldest grandchild and you meant so much to me

We’d go down to the bowling club and you would sit me on your knee


So Gomo , we will miss you but you will always be in hearts of

George , Poppy , Rose and Me

Lie in peace

Love you Grandad xxx 

By Phoebe xxx








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